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Mico Publications
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Dear Customers/Advertisers:

If you visited my site recently, you read about what I considered to be the demise of my websites.  Nothing has change in that regard.  But now, I have more information to share.

My websites are hosted currently by IX Webhosting out of Ohio. They provided a free proprietary platform within their software which allowed me to build and display my websites to the thousands of viewers accessing the sites monthly.  My sites used "image files" to display ads, unlike other sites that use .pdf files to display their ads.  It made for clearer, sharper images which could be loaded faster by viewers.

Now, I have been notified that my websites were being migrated to another service which will not support the previous platform which I built my sites upon.  In other words, my sites are pretty much dead once this switch is made.  (They haven't been able to tell me when this switch will occur.).  They do say that all content that is on the websites at the time of the switch will remain viewable.  It is just that nothing new can be added or edited or deleted.  UNLESS......

The sites will remain as is UNLESS I want to subscribe to their new platform for building and editing websites.   The price: $720 for a 3 year subscription, payable up front.   PER SITE!!  I currently have 24 sites.  That would mean I would have to come up with $17,280 immediately to get started and this fee would recur every three years.  Ridiculous!!   And even then, I would have to erase all current websites and start over rebuilding them.  This has taken many months, and would undoubtedly take as long to recreate my sites.  

The reason for all this change:  IX Webhosting sold out to a big foreign company (EIG) which is buying up webhosting companies right and left.  EIG has a reputation for very poor service and low quality webhosting services.

Why not get a new webhost?  Again, I would have to rebuild my sites from scratch, which could take many months.  I would have to find a hosting company that will host the thousands and thousands of image files necessary to operate my sites.  I have not found another site that allows this at a price I could afford and still keep my advertising rates reasonable.

I am still exploring options, but so far I am not finding any.  Therefore, I am asking that you hold off on sending in any advertising for any of my sites.  If your orders are already in the mail, I will post your ads if they get here before the "switch" is made by the webhosting company, virtually locking me out of my own websites.  Otherwise, I will return your order.

Thanks for your support throughout the years, 

Charles M. Baker